Whether you are opening up a store, starting a website, or just need better credit card processing rates for your existing business- US Financial has a merchant card services solution that will fit your needs. We can process cards over your smart-phone, point of sale system, or through a credit card terminal. With our expert merchant card services representatives in your local area we able to ensure that you always get the best possible rates and service. Our goal is to help put forth an all-encompassing plan to reduce your costs at every level of your business.

Our newest most cost-effective solution for business has been around for some time but most recently allowed for the small business where the merchant pays ZERO in interchange and processing fees.

We offer some of the most competitive credit card processing rates as low as ZERO percent and some of the lowest prices on equipment in the market today.

US Financial has the ability to support the following merchant card services accounts:

  • Retail- The card is swiped on the location using either a credit card terminal or a point of sale system
  • Internet- Cards are processed through a shopping card and the entire transaction is run over the internet
  • Mail Order / Telephone Order – Cards are either called in to the merchant’s location or imprinted on the site. The merchant then key-enters all of the cardholder’s information into a credit card terminal or virtual point of sale system.
  • Wireless – Cards are processed on a wireless credit card terminal using cellular technology to complete the sale on site.