US Financial Alliance is one of the nation’s leading financial assistance companies located in Mesa, Arizona. Whether dealing with consumer or business debt, funding, credit restoration or establishment, we offer numerous financial programs to help you, our clients achieve your financial objectives.

US Financial Alliance, Leadership Team

Eza Israel
Eza Israel CEO
Eza Israel founded US Financial Alliance in 2015 after having spent over 16 years in finance. Realizing that there had to be a better and fairer way to help people navigate the world of Finance, the mission became clear. USFA forges an all-encompassing platform of Financial Services built upon sound business principles individually customized for the client’s unique needs. Eza has extensive knowledge in Mortgage and Loan origination, Commercial business and real estate lending, Forensic Accounting working with CPA’s and attorneys, and Securities analysis of Mortgage bonds.

Through his complex financial negotiation skills and skills in Networking and Building Relationships with Financial Institutions, Eza has helped numerous people rebuild their finances, fix credit, and develop an investment plan to help them grow their net worth.

After the financial collapse of 2008, Eza was being overwhelmed with requests of clients that were struggling to get by. As a result, he saw an opportunity to get involved in the Debt Restructuring space. While in the debt restructuring space, he developed a passion for guiding people out of bad financial situations. Eza forged partnerships and created alliances for people and businesses to overcome their financial hurdles.

Among his many collaborative efforts, Eza is currently a member of Elite Toastmasters who is also an Assistant Area Director who has mentored a number of clubs to meet their goals. Eza is also a member of the District 3 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau where he continuously hones his professional speaking skills.

When he is not speaking, Eza also possesses the skills of a fine chef where he can make various dishes from around the world.

Adam Strum
Adam StrumCOO
Adam Strum, a well-known name in the debt relief industry, spent 10 years as an executive for a fortune 500 company as a customer service and collection coordinator, after leaving corporate America Adam has owned more than 5 consumer debt companies and helped numerous other companies learn the industry and how to help consumers.

Adam has spent the last decade working with over 20 consumer protection attorneys to make sure that consumers can get their credit back on track and their debts resolved equitably without hassle. As the owner of Financial Rescuers for 5 years, millions in debt was resolved for consumers without a single complaint.

Adam has earned an A+ rating from the better business bureau for each company he has run and refuses to let a single client fail.

Having been on the Brooklyn College Chess team and still an avid player today Adam always thinks many moves ahead when working out strategies for his clients. During his downtime, Adam loves exploring the Arizona desert hiking and trekking the wide opened spaces rather than the paths already explored. It is this approach that makes him an asset of the USFA family.

Our Mission

Forging an all-encompassing platform of Financial Services built upon sound business principles individually customized for our client’s unique needs.