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I started dealing with this company when they were known as ********* ******** back in 2018 and I applied with Eza to get a consolidation Loan. After talking with Eza I was informed that I didn’t qualify, however he wanted to discuss turning my financial debt situation around. I found him to be knowledgeable about this industry, willing to help, and offered great industry advice. I needed it, I had just ran up loans and credit cards trying t take care of 2 sick / disabled parents and I had nowhere else to turn. They started me on a program called Financial debt restructuring. I had to let my bills fall behind and pay into an Escrow account and they would negotiate with my creditors to see if we could eliminate the debt. 2 of my creditors eliminated almost 50% of my balance and the other 2 were between 30 – 40% of my debt. Of course there are some fees you pay to this company but they are doing all the hard work and they know how to get all of this done. they negotiated settlements with all 4 creditors by November 2018 and I knew exactly what my payment structure would look like. I couldn’t afford to make lump sum payments so the COO, Adam S**** authorized the company to draft me the money and just add it to the fees at the end so we didn’t jeopardize the financial obligations with the credits that had been agreed to. Hos main concern the entire time I have been on the program is getting my creditors paid quickly, so his staff can start repairing my credit. Then towards the end I will catch up fees and drafts they let me use to pay these creditors off. The service also included Veritas Legal service should I ever get sued for non-payment before the negotiations happened and I got to speak with another customers that wen through the program to calm my nerves a bit. I never needed the legal service but I’m glad it was available. I would rate this company stellar on any scale and they went above and beyond. Im 18 months into the program and 2 of my 4 creditors are paid off and Adam even said he would discount a lot of the fees since they were able to easily negotiate with my creditors very soon and it was not very hard to manage. Again, Im very grateful to Adam, Eza, John and team for the work they done for me. I would highly recommend this company and its excellent staff to work in your financial problems. ~ **** *. *********, NC USA

Ross B.

US Finacial Alliance change my life!

I was very excited that I went from a low credit to a high, respectable credit. With the help of US Finacial Alliance, I was able to get a house and a brand new car, all thanks again to them. They were very friendly, professional in what they do, and very reliable. If you are looking to have your life changed, then this is the place to go!

Aaron Z

I want to thank you and your group for the peace of mind that you gave me while you helped restructure my debt and negotiated with my creditors. There is no doubt that my situation would have not turned out as it did without the use of your services. The ability to me to continue to work on my business at hand while your group negotiated very reasonable terms with my creditors without a doubt saved my business from more hardship.

I truly feel as if I’ve been given a second chance! Please feel free to use me a reference for other prospective customers.

J. R.

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